Welcome to the IATM Netherlands information page.

IATM-NL is the Netherlands Region of the International Association of Tour Managers with more than 30 experienced Tour Managers (Active Members).

IATM-NL is an active region organizing lectures, excursions, international weekends, study tours with and for its members.

IATM-NL publishes a local newsletter among its members with information about the activities in our region and other local news.

IATM-NL holds an Annual General Meeting, where members can exchange views and help form regional policy.

IATM-NL has a social aspect and cooperates fully with other trade organisations.


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Algemene informatie over IATM internationaal vindt u op: https://www.iatm.info
Informatie over IATM regio Nederland: https://www.iatm.info/region/netherlands
Algemene informatie
Voorzitter: Kitty Wiegert
Contactadres: Walingsdijk 109, 1645RM Ursem
Telefoon: +31 6 1282 4411